After Care

after-careSpecialist Cleaning for your Bandage Dress

Here at rarebeaut We recommend that all of our Rayon (bandage) dresses need be professionally care for by a reputable dry cleaning service.

Please note that some dresses do have sequins and special beading, please check with your dry cleaners that they no how to clean these items without defecting the garment before you leave your items with them.Most dry cleaners may require you to sign a waiver form, removing their accountability of damaged caused to beaded or sequin dresses during their cleaning process, this is common practice in the dry cleaning.

To overcome this; ensure you select a reputable and experienced Dry cleaner.

Our bandage clothing is of very high quality and we hope you do not encounter any problems when cleaning your item. we do advise to use a professional dry cleaning service and therefore rarebeaut a not accept no responsibility for items damaged whilst cleaning.

Hot stamped printed styles

Here at RareBeaut we take a lot of time sourcing new and unique styles for our RareBeaut customers. We absolutely love our hot stamped printed styles such as our ‘Alex’ , ‘Alexander’, Florence two piece and ‘Layla’ 2 piece.

For these pieces we want to make sure that you take great care of your items.

We advise that for these special garments you turn them inside out an delicately hand wash these items in cold water to preserve the paint or bedding.

If you have any questions regarding how to look after your garments please email [email protected] where someone in our team will be willing to help you.

Most of our dresses have the signature low back cut, for this rarebeaut recommend wearing a backless bra or stick on cup bra to achieve desired look.